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GA Foils are developed and designed for various foiling disciplines and conditions in order to provide you with the right setup for each day on the water.

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A lot has changed from the first foils in our collection to the latest modular system foil sets with tons of different spare parts. Constant R&D lead to several basic setups for multiple disciplines, which can be adjusted to your individual needs with the additional front wings, fuselages, masts and more.

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Our goal has always been to drive the evolution of our foils forward without compromising quality of the final product. Before each foil or spare part goes into production every parameter is validated so that our foils provide the performance as well as durability, you expect from a Gaastra product.



Each Foil Set from the GA Foils collection can be adjusted to your demands thanks to the wide range of interchangeable spare parts. This allows you to tune your basic set for different conditions, riding styles and skill levels without having to replace the complete foil. Just change the front wing, fuselage, mast or box adapter according to your requirements and enjoy the new characteristics of your foil.



High-quality carbon and aluminium masts set a new standard in their realm. The Hybrid aluminium masts provide an unbeatable price-performance ratio and can be equipped with Deep Tuttle, Double US Plate and Powerbox adapters for different kinds of fin boxes in your board. Carbon of the highest quality is used for the production of our Mach 1 and Phantom carbon masts, which impress with their superior stiffness and lightness.



All GA Foil Sets can be tuned with aluminium fuselages of various lengths that are compatible with different sizes of front and back wings. Both the Mach 1 and Hybrid can be equipped with their respective 72cm, 82cm, 85cm and 90cm fuselages, which differ in control, speed potential and agility. The Phantom Foil suits the 100cm or 110cm fuselage for either higher top speed or increased control.



A wide range of different front wings provides riders of different skill levels and weights with exactly the right setup for various conditions. The FREE front wings in 2500cm2, 2000cm2, 1500cm2, 1200cm2 and 900cm2 impress with a fine mixture of comfort, performance and lift, while the HP front wings in 1750cm2, 1450cm2 and 1150cm2 aim at highest performance and speed with their higher aspect ratio.

All FREE and HP front wings are compatible both with the Hybrid and the Mach 1 Foil Set.

The right foil for your discipline

Our Foil Sets are preset for the best compromise between ease of use and performance in wingfoiling and windsurf foiling. Your GA foiling experience starts with a basic set for foiling either with a windsurfing sail or a wing, which can be fine-tuned with tons of different spare parts.



„Foiling opens up new opportunities for watersports enthusiasts to enjoy their time on the water in conditions, you probably won’t even go to the beach for with a regular windsurfing or kitesurfing setup. To me simplicity is key, which is why we developed several setups for different disciplines that can be tuned with extra parts for fun at any skill level.”



Urs has been responsible for our kiteboarding R&D for many years and has implemented his detailed knowledge about aero- and hydrodynamics into the development of our highly renown GA Wings range and also our complete foiling segment. Based in Taiwan, he can both visit production facilities for quality control on a regular basis and test new prototypes immediately in different conditions. Urs thinks outside the box, comes up with innovative solutions and teamed up with experienced team riders from our windsurfing, kitesurfing and wingfoiling teams to form a multi-faceted foil range for all riders.

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