CROSS 2024


Elevate your wing foiling experience with the brand-new Cross – a revolutionary design to take your riding to new heights.

Whether you’re freeriding, jumping or just starting your wing foiling journey, the Cross is your go-to-choice for all-round performance.

The Cross introduces a host of innovative features to ensure maximum performance, stability and controllability in a wide range of conditions.

Our advanced BAT panel layout leads to optimal tension control, which results in outstanding dimension stability combined with the introduction of our cutting-edge VoltNova spinnaker materials.

The combination of light and robust VoltNova in the wing’s center and even stronger and more durable VoltNova+ towards the trailing edge provide consistent power, responsive handling and stable flying characteristics.

We use our brand-new ForceTec Dacron material for the construction of the leading edge and strut, resulting in an ultra stiff and durable skeleton, which leads to unmatched control and direct handling. All while maintaining impressive low-end power and easy pumping to get you on the foil easily – a benefit not only newcomers and intermediates highly appreciate.

Discover the 2024 Cross and experience the future of wing foiling, where low-end power, stability, acceleration and enhanced control combine to redefine your ride.


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GA wings, wingfoil, Cross 2023, C2, Gaastra wing, wingfoiling, wing Orange
GA wings, wingfoil, Cross 2023, C1, Gaastra wing, wingfoiling, wing Orange


Each segment of the Cross’ panel layout pursues an important purpose to optimize the load distribution and maximize dimension stability over a long period. Segmented panels in the front lead to the perfect definition of the profile, while perpendicular panels in the back minimize stretch.

The newly introduced ForceTec Dacron material maximizes stiffness, lightness and durability of the wing’s leading edge and strut skeleton. The four central panels and the head panel are manufactured in a double layer construction in order to strengthen the section bearing the highest load.

Our cutting-edge VoltNova triple ripstop spinnaker supplied by Teijin in the front and center section of the Cross perfectly combines lightness, robustness and neutralizes stretch, which optimizes load distribution over a long period.

Compared to the already impressive VoltNova spinnaker, the thicker VoltNova+ double ripstop supplied by Teijin is in fact significantly stiffer, more durable and robust. This innovative material is perfectly suited to stabilize the Cross’ trailing edge and enhance the wing’s overall longevity.

Pre-tensioned sail and the perfect balance of tension between the leading and trailing edge leads to optimized profile stability and easier handling.

An angled strut provides the perfect mix of power and control as well as an ergonomic and comfortable arm position in all conditions. A newly developed symmetric seam connects the sail to the strut, which forms a stiff, strong and efficient fusion.

Our stiff UltraGrip handles optimize your connection to the wing, allowing you to fully make use of the Cross’ unmatched power, control and handling characteristics. If you prefer soft handles, there’s still the opportunity to switch to those in the same mounting framework.

The leading edge and strut are in- and deflated through two separate SUP valves, which allows you to tune your Cross wing with individual pressures.

Kevlar patches protect the seams on the leading edge and strut, maximizing stability and durability in the toughest conditions.

Two windows with an updated, longer outline on each side of the strut provide 360 degree view, while the introduction of a new special window material prevents creases.

Quality and technology means everything to us. We put all our efforts into our products and solid manufacturing to make them long lasting, but still lightweight and performance oriented. Finding this balance is a constant challenge, but makes a huge difference in the end product. GA products come to you guaranteed to deliver the best performance available.


Impregnated (waterproofed) and polyurethane coated high-density Polyester Dacron leads to maximum dimension stability and minimum water absorption, which helps our wings perform consistently in the most radical conditions over a long period.


Our extremely strong Triple Ripstop Canopy enhances our wings’ tear strength and provides less water absorption and increased dimension stability together with the updated coating. This leads to the perfect mix of stability and lightness, which results in great flying characteristics.


Strong Durability Protectors made of tough and super light Kevlar secure your wing from damages caused by abrasion at the most vulnerable sections. These protectors maximize your wing’s lifespan and allow you to rely on your gear at all times.


The new SUP valve allow you to quickly and comfortably inflate your Poison wing. The uncomplicated, light and resilient construction of the connectors provides quick inflation, easy handling and safety one the water.

sizeArea (m2)Wingspan (m)Chord (m)AspectRatioWindowsHandlesGrind Protectors (tip)Wind RangeWeight
Cross 2.72,82,341,642,12 per side, wide anglestiff handles 30cm front; 30cm back; LEyes19-362,16
Cross 3.23,22,551,832,12 per side, wide anglestiff handles 30cm front; 30cm back; LEyes16-322,26
Cross 3.73,72,75TBC2,12 per side, wide anglestiff handles 30cm front; 30cm back; LEyes14-292,52
Cross 4.24,22,932,082,12 per side, wide anglestiff handles 30cm front; 30cm back; LEyes12-272,62
Cross 4.74,73,1TBC2,12 per side, wide anglestiff handles 30cm front; 30cm back; LEyes10-252,88
Cross 5.25,23,212,232,12 per side, wide anglestiff handles 30cm front; 40cm back; LEyes9-222,96
Cross 5.75,73,36TBC2,052 per side, wide anglestiff handles 30cm front; 40cm back; LEyes8-203,12
Cross 6.26,23,472,442,052 per side, wide anglestiff handles 30cm front; 40cm back; LEyes7-183,3