CROSS 2023


Next level all-round performance and versatility are guaranteed with the 2023 Cross, which allows you to enjoy wingfoiling in all its facets and a huge range of conditions.

A ton of innovative features were introduced including the brand-new interchangeable handle system, allowing you to quickly switch from the rigid handles supplied with the Cross to the extra soft handles in the same mounting framework.

An updated panel layout, enhanced LE stiffness and increased tension in the canopy provide outstanding control and easy handling in a big wind range.

The deeper profile in the front section still provides impressive low-end power due to the angled strut shape. This new strut design, including a rofile panel in the front, enables an ergonomic arm position, especially on upwind tacks.

The split windows on both sides of the strut provide great visibility and allow you to fold the Cross without creasing the windows.

The Cross will fascinate both novices and experienced riders with its unmatched mix of power, controllability and handling.


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  • INTERCHANGEABLE HANDLE SYSTEM: Quickly switch from the rigid handles to the soft webbing handles to obtain your perfect individual setup. The wing is supplied with rigid handles as standard.
  • DOUBLE LAYER LE CONSTRUCTION: A second layer of Dacron in central leading edge segments increases stiffness for outstandingly direct handling.
  • ANGLED STRUT DESIGN: The newly introduced angled strut provides the perfect mix of power and control as well as an ergonomic and comfortable arm position in all conditions.
  • NEW PANEL LAYOUT: An updated panel layout with enhanced tension in the canopy provides maximum control as well as direct and easy handling.
  • DACRON FROM DIMENSION POLYANT: The Dacron from the world’s leading manufacturer of sailcloth leads to a super stiff and light leading edge and strut skeleton.
  • SPLIT WINDOW DESIGN: Split windows on both sides of the strut offer great visibility and durability.
  • KEVLAR ABRASION PROTECTION: Kevlar on the leading edge, strut and leading edge ends provide protection and durability.
  • ONE-PUMP VALVE AND EXTRA DEFLATION VALVE: Clean connection and easy and quick inflation and deflation of the strut thanks to the new one-pump valve and extra deflation valve.

Quality and technology means everything to us. We put all our efforts into our products and solid manufacturing to make them long lasting, but still lightweight and performance oriented. Finding this balance is a constant challenge, but makes a huge difference in the end product. GA products come to you guaranteed to deliver the best performance available.


Impregnated (waterproofed) and polyurethane coated high-density Polyester Dacron leads to maximum dimension stability and minimum water absorption, which helps our wings perform consistently in the most radical conditions over a long period.


Our extremely strong Triple Ripstop Canopy enhances our wings’ tear strength and provides less water absorption and increased dimension stability together with the updated coating. This leads to the perfect mix of stability and lightness, which results in great flying characteristics.


Strong Durability Protectors made of tough and super light Kevlar secure your wing from damages caused by abrasion at the most vulnerable sections. These protectors maximize your wing’s lifespan and allow you to rely on your gear at all times.


Double Cross Section Connectors allow you to quickly and comfortably inflate your wing through one valve only. The uncomplicated, light and resilient construction of the connectors provides quick inflation, easy handling and safety one the water.


Easy to use and quick inflation thanks to the GA Quick Inflation Valve that can be linked directly to the bayonet connector of the pump and therefore provides maximum airflow. A tough and light construction enables quick and easy inflation over a long lifespan.

sizeArea (m2)Wingspan (m)Chord (m)AspectRatioWindowsHandlesGrind Protectors (tip) rigid handles, 1 LE
30cm / 30cm
yes rigid handles, 1 LE
30cm / 30cm
yes rigid handles, 1 LE
30cm / 30cm
yes rigid handles, 1 LE
30cm / 40cm
yes rigid handles, 1 LE
40cm / 40cm
yes rigid handles, 1 LE
40cm / 40cm