MP Frontwings


Reach new levels of wing-, pump- and pronefoiling performance with the brand-new MP front wing series.

An increased aspect ratio leads to outstanding speed potential, glide and overall performance.

Despite the fairly high aspect ratio the MP front wings offer great carving characteristics, stability and controllability.

The longer root chord provides forward drive, while the low drag profile keeps the MP gliding easily.

This is the perfect choice, if you seek speed, agility and glide in one package.

MODELArea (cm²)SPAN (cm)AR
MP 890891cm²81.3cm7.4
MP 10901082cm²89.5cm7.4
MP 12901289cm²102.5cm8.2
MP 14901491cm²112.6cm8.5


  • ADAPTABLE MODULAR DESIGN: Each Foil Set from the GA Foils collection can be adjusted to your demands thanks to the wide range of interchangeable spare parts. This allows you to tune your basic set for different conditions, riding styles and skill levels without having to replace the complete foil. Just change the front wing, fuselage, mast or box adapter according to your requirements and enjoy the new characteristics of your foil.
  • CHANGEABLE FRONT WINGS: A wide range of different front wings provides riders of different skill levels and weights with exactly the right setup for various conditions. The FREE front wings impress with a fine mixture of comfort, performance and lift, while the HP front wings aim at increased performance and speed with their mid aspect ratio. If you want to add maximum pump- and wingfoiling performance to your setup, the MP front wings with a higher aspect ratio are the perfect choice.
    All FREE, HP and MP front wings are compatible both with the Hybrid and the Mach1 fuselages.
    The standard 303cm2 rear wing can be exchanged with a 330cm2 or 210cm2 version for either increased pumping performance or higher speed potential.
    All FREE, HP and MP front wings are compatible both with the Hybrid , Mach-1, phantom and GTX fuselages.

Quality and technology means everything to us. We put all our efforts into our products and solid manufacturing to make them long lasting, but still lightweight and performance oriented. Finding this balance is a constant challenge, but makes a huge difference in the end product. GA products come to you guaranteed to deliver the best performance available.

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Compatible rear Wings : 

210cm2 – 303cm2